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Video-statement of Burkhard Ziegler, Close Brothers Seydler Bank Burkhard Ziegler
Head of Specialist Floor Equities
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Video-statement of Oliver Roth, Close Brothers Seydler Bank Oliver Roth
Head of Specialist Floor Equities - Frankfurt Stock Exchange
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Floor specialist trading is Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG’s traditional business. Since our roots in trading, we have handled market making on the floor of German Stock Exchange. Thousands of transactions later and with an experienced team that counts many years of trading experience, we can say that our built-up trading know-how in equities and bonds has made us one of the leading floor specialist traders today. We currently handle over 2,200 specialist accounts that span the globe. These include more than 774 US equities, 358 European and 436 Asian specific to Germany, Prime and General Standard securities. Also, we trade over 950 bonds quoted in Euro, USD, Turkish Lira, New Zealand Dollar and other currencies.

Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG fulfils the requirements made by the German Stock Exchange and is a renowned market-making partner to other banks, as well as to institutional investors and banks.

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Close Brothers Seydler
Bank AG

Burkhard Ziegler
"Generalbevollmächtigter" - Fully Authorised Representative
Executive Director
Head of Specialist Floor Equities
Schillerstrasse 27 -29
D 60313 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 9 20 54 146
Fax: +49 (0) 69 2 19 96 401
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